Sunday, 21 May 2017


This is a confession.

I will never know whoever read this post.


I hate you. I hate her. I hate both of you. and the most person I hate is myself.

I always want your attention. I want you to reply my text. I want you to be happy. With me.

But I know, she's the one who get your attention. You will never ignore her text. and I know, deep down. You are happy, with her.

I know. Don't ask me how.

I just know..

It's pathetic.

When I know the fact but still not leaving you. haha.

I know by her comment.

I know by how you respond me when I asked about her.

It's a denial.

That you said you didn't love her.

and why on earth im cryin right now. Fuck.

Its not like she is the third person. Its look like I'm the one.

The third person.

and if you read this, you gonna say i am merapu. said nonsense thing.

how on earth she always know what you up to.

Thats all I ask.

crazy isnt? I mean, Im the one yang being crazy.

Jealous? Damn right.

I hate myself because I stay.

I dont really know how to say goodbye. All I ever know is how to love. So, stab me. Tikam banyak kali. Sampai puas. Im gonna stay here and bleed.

Stay. Here.




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