Wednesday, 26 June 2013

MAY I ASK YOU? - intebiu :b

Hajat di hati nak update post selom nih yang still lagi disimpan as draft. But, macam beku je -.-"

So, here we go. update sal SURVEY SURVEY SURVEY !! again -..-"

btw, assalamualaikum and hi :)


1. Last beverage = Air kelapa. (mengidam duh. haha)
2. Last phone call = From nerdy. Tu pon semalam punya citer -.-"
3. Last text message = Sila Hubungi Pihak Kami Di Talian bla bla bla UTeM. ( saya ad lam bengkel la encik. sory)
4. Last song you listened to = Kehilangan by firman


6. Dated someone twice = nope
7. Being cheated on = nope
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = nope (geleng-geleng)
9. Lost someone special = if taon ni tade laa.. but i lost my atok long time ago. d one yang teach me how to read love letter from HIM which is Al-Quran :)
10. Been depressed = yes.
11. Been drunk & threw up = of course not. i'm a muslim. and i don't drink.


12. putih
13. merah
14. purple


15. Made a new friend = a lot. m such a friendly, crazy, talkative small little girl. (jujur weyhh)
16. Fallen out of love = yeah. and it's cyberlove. (rolling eyes)
17. Laughed until you cry = maybe. (lost some memories.. Muehehehe)
18. Met someone who changed you = yes. him. universe stone.
19. Found out who your true friends were = yup. thanks to YOU.
20. Found out someone was talking about you = yes. and why talking about me? grrr. hell ya, m not an artist! (still, who cares? ngumpat laa lagi. i loike)
21. Kissed anyone on your fb friend's list = silly question, kau hengat aku jumpa org teros pelok cium ke ape? haha.


22. How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life = about 60%? they do add me for UTeM's matters.*sigh*. They noe me, but i don'y noe them. (ayat bajet gila. hahhaha) Sila tegur saya ye, baru saya kenal awak :b
23. Do you have any pets = yes. my cat. meow. ( heeee soooooo cute ! )
24. Do you want to change your name = nope.
25. What did you do for your last birthday = i do nothing. just golek-golek panda. then, suddenly my ex-housemate celeb my birthday that nite. a surprise party by four of them. then, d next day, my roomate (yg satu umah masa tu) celeb my birthday too. BABES, sayang gila korang ! BIGGGGG HUGSS xoxo
26. What time did you wake up today = hmm.. 7? haha. red flag.
27. What were you doing at midnight last night = Merapu? i  create some drama kat CH. about me and mr.perfection you-don't-know-who :b
28. Name something you CANNOT wait for = weekends?
29. Last time you saw your mother = -.-" 2 months ago? m such a bad daughter walaopon d manja one. i love to travels.
30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = nothing :)
31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = Tom, nope. Tim, yes :b
32. What's getting on your nerves right now = i want to tell mr. universe stone that i like him then cut d feeling.
33. Most visited webpages = Email, facebook, twitter, CH (selalu bukak three of them in d same time)
34. Nicknames = dak ety, kak cik, kecik, zack, ayienn, msbuttercup and nuyul.
35. Relationship status = single. and proud :b
36. Zodiac sign = Sagittarius
37. Male or female = female lorh..
38. Primary school = skbl
39. Secondary school = smk(a)dg n smksa
40. High school/college = kmp
41. Hair colour = black
42. Height = 180 cm. Heeee... tolak 31cm -.-"
43. Do you have a crush on someone = maybe ~
44. What do you like about yourself = everything. hahhaha
45. Piercings = nope.. hahhaa
46. Tattoos = Haram woooooo


47. First surgery = neva had one
48. First piercing = darjah 3 but da lama x pakai
49. First best friend = izzati. ( nama dia same. hehe )
50. First sport you join = can't remember :b
51. First vacation = Gua senyum, temerloh, pahang
52. First pair of trainers = taaa ingat laa!


53. Eating = nothing
54. Drinking = a cup of nescafe :)
55. I'm about = sleepinggg.. esok de amali kejuruteraan woi. haha
56. Listening to = arms wide open
57. Waiting for = universe stone


58. Want kids? = Mestilaa -.-" soalan. haih
59. Get married? = Grr.. da nama un na anak, mestilaa kena kawen -.-"
60. Career? = hmmm.. ikot my future hubby lovey.. if dia kasi, keja la.. but, nak bukak restoran --" kalo ta keje n tape, my hubby lovey kena bagi jdi volunteer.. bt keja amal kat mana2.


61. Lips or eyes = eyes :b
62. Hugs or kisses = hugs..
63. Shorter or taller = taller than me of course. at least my kepala bawah dagu dia :b
64. Older or younger = older. at least 2 years older than me.
65. Romantic or spontaneous = spontaneously romantic :)
66. Nice stomach or nice arms = can i choose both? haha
67. Sensitive or loud = Loud and sensitive
68. Hook up or relationship = relationship
69. Trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble maker laaa.. Just like me :b


70. Kissed a stranger = err.. for what?
71. Drink hard liquor = again... for what?
72. Lost glasses/contacts = one... in a bus. lupe amek lek lepas sangkut kat situ --"
73. Sex on first date = Hell no. i'm priceless.. limited edition. Only the best can have me. hahahha
74. Broken someone's heart = always. my experts tuu.. heehe
75. Had your own heart broken = calar balar sikit. alaa... polish cket terus berkilat lek. (stainless steel oke)
76. Been arrested = nope
77. Turned someone down = maybeee..
78. Cried when someone died = sometimes yes. sometimes tak. If semua menanges, sape yang nak jadi kuat kan? :b
79. Fallen for a friend? = hahahahha.. once. but just a crush gitu-gitu je. not sooo serious lah.


80. Yourself = The most !!
81. Miracles = sometimes..
82. Love at first sight = no biggie ~
83. Heaven = yes. for sure.
84. Santa claus = mehh, mana da santa claus.
85. Kiss on the first date = hell nooo.. ta boley la ngek.
86. Angels = rukun iman kan?


87. Had more than one bf/gf? = few scandals and NO boyfriend
88. Did you sing today? = yes. evely day :b
89. Ever cheated on a test? = you think? :b *angkat2 kening*
90. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? and why? =  just follow the flow. no need tuk pusing balik masa -.-"
91. Is there one person you want to be right now? = mommy :'(
92. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life = not 100% but i'm FINE.
93. Describe yourself = easy on the outside... hard in the inside
94. Would you rather love one person or have many short relationship? = Setia pada yang satu ye anak anak.
95. When was the last time you really cried your heart out? = cant remember
96. Anything exciting happen this year? = yes. i think i fall in love with a stranger.
97. Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of the year? = people changes. so do i.
98. What are you excited for? = tak rase pape pon. beku -..-"
99. Whats the longest you have talked on the phone to someone. = 4 hours lebih KOT or maybe lebih -.-"
100. Are you afraid of falling in love? = kadang-kadang terfikr jugak. the consequences


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